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UAE Astronaut Makes His Maiden Flight To Space With Russian, US Crew

The UAE is now the 40th nation in world history to have a citizen fly out into space, thanks to a crew that was recently launched, which is headed for the ISS at the moment.

Hazzaa Almansoori, who is a spaceflight member currently going into space under a deal between UAE’s MBR Space Center and the Russian space agency lifted off along with Roscosmos’ Oleg Skripochka, a Russian cosmonaut and NASA’s Jessica Meir, an American astronaut on Wednesday, September 25. All three of them were launched out into space via the Russian Soyuz MS-15 craft at around 9:57AM EDT, using a special Soyuz FG from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome.

This flight is the last scheduled usage of a launchpad named Gagarin’s Start, which was where the Russian cosmonaut Gagarin was launched from on Apr 12, 1961, becoming the 1st human ever to go into space. Russian space agency officials stated that this historic pad, which is also called Site 1, would be upgraded in order to support modern iterations of Soyuz rockets. However, it is yet to be known when this work would be completed.

9 min after being launched out of Gagarin’s Start, Almansoori, Meir, and Skripochka entered the orbit around the Earth for beginning their journey towards the ISS station. After a 4-orbit rendezvous, the craft will dock with the ISS’ service module, named Zvezda, at around 3:45PM EDT.

Skripochka stated that it was a one-of-a-kind responsibility and opportunity to transport a UAE astronaut for the first time to the ISS. He stated that it wasn’t merely meant for flying him. Almansoori would also be working as a crew member, helping ISS members do their duties. However, their crew was now slowly diversifying and gaining attention as it was a major historic event, he said.

Meir stated that the dynamic was quite interesting, especially when Almansoori was representing an entire country. He was the first UAE astronaut to go into space, which was a major event for the country, he said.

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