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Self-Silencing Makes Women Vulnerable To Stroke, New Research Suggests

Women who rarely express their anger to those who are close to them or unable to reveal the negative aspect in their relation are more prone to stroke. Scientists conducted a study on women who are suffering from self-silencing and stated that they are more prone to get plaque inside their arteries.

While speaking to press, Dana Jack said that self-silencing comes into existence when a person starts to repress her feeling by considering threat to their relationship even though they feel anger and frustration inside.

The cause-and effect can’t be proven by the study but women who can’t showcase their feelings or needs to their partners are 14% more prone to carotid arterial plaque. Karen Jakubowski said that women who don’t have observable plaque are able to express their needs to their partners effectively in comparison to women who have greater degree of plaque.

Additional plaque has higher potential to make a person prone to heart attacks, several cardio vascular diseases and stroke. Though Jack had no contribution during the new study, she had designed scale which is used for proper measurement of the level of self-expression in intimate relationships.

Jack stated that women who are self-silencing are not only disconnecting from other people but they aren’t even able to make a proper connection with themselves. She further stated that talking helps women in the process of reconfirmation, but in case of self-silencing women, they are really confused about their own feelings.

During the self-silencing studies, near about 304 women took the questionnaire which is made as per Jack’s scale. These women also completed various reports regarding depression, medical history, physical measures and demographics. Studies taken in the past reveled that self-silencing women are more prone to symptoms related to anger and depression which has a direct link to several cardiovascular ailments.

Jakubowski stated that in future researchers might have to provide more emphasis on depression, sleep problems and conflict related to relationship when they want to find a relation between plaque and self-silencing.

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