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FB Suspends Thousands Of Apps As A Part Of Probe Into Cambridge Analytica Scam

Facebook has suspended many apps running as part of a probe into the Cambridge Analytica scam that left the world shaken in 2018.Around 400 developers were linked to the apps said Facebook. However, it went on to clarify that the entire lot did not present a cause for concern to the users.

Facebook had come under the glare of the public and regulatory authorities in 2018 for its alleged role in the Cambridge Analytica scam which involved use of user information without their consent.  The US Federal Trade Commission had slapped a fine of about $5bn on the social media giant in July; the fine was the largest to have ever been enacted against a company for breach of privacy.

In the Cambridge Analytica Scam, data of a large number of users was supposedly used by Cambridge Analytica firm for political advertising purposes. Such a privacy breach of huge proportions had sent the reputation of Facebook for a toss and the company was left with a number of lawsuits to face; not to mention the loads of global criticism that followed.

Facebook is now focused on improving its image and privacy safeguards. In this context, a launch was spearheaded by the company to investigate into the varied apps on its platform. The review they felt would help them to sift the rotten eggs from the good ones and make them aware of the models for abuse, said the vice-president of the company.

However, very little information has been forthcoming from the company regarding the apps and the developers involved. Some apps were still being tested while in other cases some of the flagged developers were grilled intensely by the company. Some apps were totally banned for confirmed breach of privacy; for example one of them went by the name of myPersonality.

The review of apps is still under process.

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