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FDA Opens Up Criminal Investigation On Deaths Linked To Vaping

An agency declared last week that the Food and Drug Administration has decided to begin a criminal investigation into the reasons behind lung disease caused due to vaping. It has already made 530 people sick and killed seven of them. Office of Criminal Investigations of the organization began the investigation soon after people started getting sick. Director of Center for Tobacco Products of DDA, Mitch Zeller has provided this information to reporters.

Mitch also said that OCI acquires special skills for investigation. Their prime focus of the work would be to find out what exactly is making people sick. They would also keep a close check on the supply chain. He also cleared out the confusion regarding the scenario and said that OCI has not decided to begin any prosecution related to personal use of these restrained substances through the investigation.

People involved in this investigation have not yet been able to confirm if vaping has caused this specific lung disease. U.S health officials informed that it had first come into notice during July when doctors across the country faced similar cases frequently. There was not one e-cigarette or vaping, a particular brand, substance or compound which has been found similar in all of these instances. In fact, one component or product has also not been identified which can be linked to the cause of lung injury of all these patients.

Almost all these patients complained of vaping THC. Officials said that it is a complex compound which makes people high when they take marijuana. Many of them reported that they vape both nicotine and TH which is the added chemical present in e-cigarettes. Few patients however said that they had only been vaping nicotine. The investigation is still in progress and it is yet to confirm whether or not vaping has caused this severe lung disease of many.

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