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Hyundai Goes Retro-Futuristic With The Launch Of Its 45 EV

Hyundai has revealed the “45,” a retro-based car intended to display where it is going with upcoming EVs. Showcased previous month, the styling is motivated by the Pony Couple Concept from 1974, the progenitor of popular Pony vehicle by Hyundai. The name “45” is hence a play on the original concept’s anniversary, and also a green signal to the 45-degree angles on other parts (including the roofline) of the vehicle. It also takes hints from art deco styling used in 1920s, the firm claimed.

Similar to many other cars nowadays, the squat, wide vehicle employs dot matrix lighting below the trunk and hood, and sports an illuminated logo of the firm. Much similar to Byton’s M-Byte, it also comes with LED lights that display charge levels from the outer side. It employs side cameras rather than mirrors.

The interior of 45 is evenly conceptual and is more same as that of a living room space, with the supposition that users will lie around in comfort while being autonomously driven. Rather than a touchscreen, passengers in the front have access to an infotainment system fitted with a projector-akin interface. The front seats can turn 180 degrees to face users if you wish to be more social. The firm has not specified the specs, which is not shocking considering that this is a pure concept car.

On a related note, Hyundai is joining the ranks of firms with electric race vehicles. The firm has begun operating on the Veloster N ETCR, a race-based EV version of the Veloster N developed for its 2020 ETCR championship. There are not many performance features at this point, but it will have rear wheel drive and a mid-fitted motor to meet race laws. The race-ready wheels and gigantic spoiler make certain that this is not just a simple change.

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