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Tesla Brags About Its Prototype Model S Being The Fastest 4-Door Sedan

Tesla had proudly announced on Wed night that the record for the fastest 4-door sedan has been broken by it at the famous Monterey race track, Laguna Seca, in California.

The record was broken by the company’s latest prototype version of electric sedan with a pure battery, a latest Plaid powertrain and 3 motors called the Model S. This was tweeted in the official Twitter account of the company. In 2015, the nearest record was made by a 2016 C CTSV (Cadillac CTSV), for a 4-door.

Tesla shared a video in which a driver is seen circuiting Laguna Seca at a max speed of probably 129 mph; however at a slower speed on riskier stretches of Laguna Seca. Nothing has been revealed regarding the identity of the driver of the sedan.

However, CNBC was e-mailed by one of the Laguna Seca’s spokespersons that during the testing by Tesla on the tracks, nothing was officiated by them. Only during authorized events where management is undertaken by an authorized body, official records are taken. For now, Tesla hasn’t revealed any further data regarding the lapping of Laguna Seca.

Tesla’s CEO, E. Musk elucidated that Tesla’s future models such as Roadster vehicles, Model X and Model S will come with plaid powertrain, but it won’t be included in Model Y or Model 3. While chatting with his fans and followers on social media, Musk publicized that information including imprecise pricing data on Wednesday night.

While replying to his followers & fans on Twitter, he also told that the Plaid powertrain will be offered by the company for both more expensive and base variety of the latest version of Roadster.

Musk stated the previous week that a Model S would be sent to Nürburgring by him as he referred a famed tricky track called ‘Green Hell’ there. His words inferred that he considers that Porche’s latest electric model, the Taycan could be beaten by Model S, on the former’s home turf.

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