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Uber Lays Off Many Employees On The Back Of A Dismal Second Quarter

On Tuesday, Uber has announced a fresh round of layoffs. This layoff was from the teams of engineering and product. 435 people in all were made to let go which is close to the 8% of the total workforce that the company has. This news comes after some months of Uber saying that it would be cutting 400 employees from the marketing division of the company.

This latest part of layoffs is coming after a second quarter which was brutal for the company, as the company missed the revenue projections it had and then reported a net loss of $5.2 billion. Uber has confirmed in August that it is going to enforce a freeze on the hiring of software engineers as well as new product managers but now that It has laid off so many workers the company said that it will be lifting the freeze.

They hope that with the changes they are able to reset and improve the way the work on a day to day basis and enforce prioritizing ruthlessly and thereby holding themselves accountable and demanding a high level of agility and performance said a spokesperson from Uber. While they said that at this moment it is painful they believe that this will be resulting in an improved structure in their technical organization as in future they will be looking at hiring the best talent from all across the world.

The company in Uber had let 400 people go from the marketing team it has in July. Many of these employees were working in the regional offices. Most of the employees who were laid off were working in the United States, almost 85% followed by other parts of the world.

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