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Uber And Lyft Failure Will Be Affecting The Valuation Of WeWork

In the coming weeks, WeWork which is an office-sharing giant, SmileDirectClub which is a teeth straightening company and Peloton which is a fitness related organization are all looking to go public, and all eyes are set on the other offerings that have happened this year for guidance on how to approach these offerings.

Those being looked at are the unexpected success of Beyond Meat which makes fake meat and also the stocks of ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Uber which have closed this week at their all-time lows after months of weak performances.

The weak performance of Uber and Lyft could be making the upcoming offerings attract more individual investors.

The investors who have lost in the large money-losing companies will be nervous and will have to be pleased by the new offerings after the investors who invested in Uber and Lyft and lost money due to their poor trading. This makes it advantageous to the buyer side, investors and should favor the new offerings.

Uber has been losing money in the one year leading to the IPO and the losses have been more than any other IPO ever. WeWork according to experts is the second-largest money loser in the history of IPO.

Therefore, it would be hard to ignore the failure of Uber when WeWork is being thought about and if those IPOs are considered and the incumbent performance of Uber will lead to the valuation of WeWork will be low for these reasons.

It is expected that the valuation of WeWork will be dramatically lower than the original private valuation of the $47 billion and the company is going to not go on with hitting the markets in the next week

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