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E-Scooters Ordered To Be Removed From Streets As Florida Braces For Dorian

As hurricane Dorian approaches the shores of Miami, city officials have sent out notices to 6 companies that are operating e-scooters in the city—Lyft, Bird, Bolt, Uber jump, Lime and Spin. The notice warns them about the incoming hurricane and urges them to withdraw all active e-scooters from the streets or they will become projectiles when the hurricane hits the city.

The order was passed to address the potential problem of these light weighted devices flying off in air and causing more damage, when the hurricane hits. A lot of companies have issued statements, telling that they have reduced or removed their fleets in cities like Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando as these are also under danger of being in the path of hurricane.

According to the statements from National Hurricane Center, Dorian is currently a Category 2 storm and is expected to reach Category 4 by the time it reaches coasts of Florida this weekend. Afterwards it is expected to head inland towards Orlando.

If the hurricane reaches Category 4, it will produce winds that will be up to 130MPH which will have devastating effects. As of now, no evacuations have been done but officials have said that they have taken proper measures to ensure the safety of the residents.

Miami City’s spokesperson said that as the hurricane threat approaches closer, leaders have decided a lot of measures to ensure the safety of the residents and removing dockless e-scooters is one of them.

Spokesperson from Uber has stated that their e-scooter services in Miami and Tampa have been suspended until further notice from officials.

Similar statements have surfaced from all the companies where they have informed the public about the situation and have told them about which cities are being affected by this decision and when their services are expected to resume.

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