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iPhone Hackers Also Sneaked Into Android, Windows, Report Reveals

The Apple iPhone hack that was first brought into the spotlight by Google is broader than what was first expected. Many sources with a detailed knowledge of this situation revealed that the Android OS and Windows OS PC were also being targeted by a new campaign that seeks to infect smartphones and computers used by the Uighur community in China. This community has faced persecution at the hands of China’s government for a long time now, especially in Xinjiang, where surveillance has reached all-time highs.

Microsoft’s and Google’s OSes had been targeted by the very same websites which had led the iPhone hacking operations, as per anonymous sources.

That Windows and Android devices were targeted as well showed that these attacks were just another part in a much bigger operation against the Uighur community. A source indicated that these attacks had been updated with the passage of time, to hack into upgraded OSes as the Uighur community’s tech usage rates changed increasingly. Windows and Android remain the world’s most widely utilized operating systems. They are also extremely attractive targets, regardless of whether the hackers are criminals or government-sponsored.

Google is yet to issue a comment regarding this issue. It is unclear whether Google disclosed or knew that these attacks had also be used against other OSes. A source knowledgeable about this issue stated that Google only had knowledge about the hackers’ iOS exploits, which could be traced back to these websites. Microsoft announced that it would be investigating the attack reports and taking necessary action for ensuring that its users remained secure, without any worry. Apple hasn’t yet responded to any of these announcements.

Google had earlier informed Apple regarding the websites that had been attacked in Feb. However, it is yet to be known which websites, with a strong Uighur interest, were utilized for launching malicious code activity on their iPhones.

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