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Spotify Increases Its Free Premium Trial Period By 3 Times To 90 Days

Spotify is fighting back in opposition to the dangers of Apple Music by expanding its Premium subscription’s free trials to match its competitor. Both firms need not only to bring in paid consumers, but also to keep those consumers getting back over the long end. Earlier, Spotify provided a free trial of 30 Days to lure consumers to spend for its Premium plan. Now the firm is doing its best to lure even more users by increasing the free trial period to almost 3 Months.

The deal is a permanent one, as per Spotify, and will be accessible all over the world. It launches out this week for student and individual plans for consumers who have not tried Premium still, and it will be accessible in the months to come for Family and Duo plans too. After trial period concludes, a Premium account will have a same price tag of monthly $9.99.

As well as luring new consumers with a free trial, Spotify is slaughtering on account sharing to persuade users to pay for a Premium subscription. The firm has also been increasing up its Family Plan functions to lure more consumers. All of this has assisted Spotify surpass a record number of paid users. On the other hand, the firm’s work is not done, as income per consumers is down as per media.

On a related note, count Spotify amongst the ranks of behemoths copying Stories feature by Snapchat. The streaming music platform earlier confirmed to media that it is trialing a Storyline function where musicians can share Stories-akin material, whether it is a song’s influences or making-of trivia. This is not similar as Behind the Lyrics, which gets info from Genius—managers and artists have to collaborate with Spotify squarely. Storyline is in trial phase for some iOS and Android consumers, even though Spotify would not media if or when the function may be available widely.

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