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Australia Will Ban Domains With Extremist Content During Terror Attacks

Australia’s mission to battle online extremism will shortly involve provisional but far-reaching suspensions. Scott Morrison (the Prime Minister) has declared that the nation will ban Internet domains hosting extremist content amid crises and terrorist attacks. The government also aims to ban domains hosting “abhorrent” content made by the bad actors, such as sexual assault and murder.

The eSafety Commissioner of the nation will decide what to ban in any specific situation with the help of a yet-to-be-set-up framework, while a Crisis Coordination Center will monitor both extremist material and violence constantly.

Australia is also considering legislation to force Internet firms to enhance their security, even though it is not clear how the nation might answer if these companies can’t or don’t comply.

The plan for the banning strategy is easy: Australia needs to slash off avenues that allow terrorists “glorify their offenses,” as per Morrison. Latest terrorists have left livestreams, manifestos, and other material all over a series of sites. Theoretically, banning access to these websites denies hackers the spotlight and lowers the odds of copycat assaults.

On a related note, Internet suppliers in New Zealand are not depending solely on firms such as YouTube and Facebook to remove the Christchurch mass shooter’s video. Earlier primary ISPs in the nation, comprising Spark, Vodafone, and Vocus, operated together to ban access at the DNS level to sites that did not swiftly answer to requests of video takedown.

The move swiftly slashed off access to various websites, comprising 8chan, 4chan, file transfer website Mega, and LiveLeak. The ban gone away the moment a site obeyed and Vodafone claimed to the media that “lots of sites” were unblocked in that manner. The nation has a different approach to Internet material as compared to the US, and typically blocks websites that revolve around exploitation and child abuse.

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