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Autonomous Cargo Drone By Bell Concludes Its First Flight

The multicopter UAV of Bell concluded a successful first flight this week at its testing plant close to Fort Worth, Texas. Dubbed as the APT 70, the 6 Ft by 9 Ft vehicle has 19 Miles of range and can transport almost 70 Pounds. The completely autonomous drone is developed to manage tasks that range from transport of food or medical supplies during a natural disaster to package delivery.

“We are happy to reach this landmark, and look forward to carrying on advancing this tech for our users,” claimed vice president of Bell’s Innovation team, Scott Drennan, to the media in an interview. The firm will be trialing the APT 70 for the rest of 2019. After that test period, it aims to employ the car to perform demonstrations—both in and out of restricted airspace—via operationalization and systems integration contract it locked with NASA.

In 2018, the Fort Worth-located aerospace firm started experimenting on the APT 20, a smaller edition of the APT 70 with 20 Pounds of payload capacity. Both vehicles are completely autonomous. In different words, they transition to forward flight while mid-air and take off and land vertically.

Speaking of drones, the NYPD (New York Police Department) earlier declared that it has purchased 14 drones and aims to use them in policing efforts all over the New York City. This comes in a decision that has harvested backlash from civil advocacy agencies that are worried about the motives of the department.

In the declaration, the NYPD claimed that there are 29 cops who are skilled to utilize the UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The devices are expects to be employed to police major events, such as concerts, in the city and in crime scene investigations and hostage situations. The department this week claimed that it does not plan to employ the new tech to survey citizens and enforce traffic laws.

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