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India In Talks With Russia Over Rocket Engines For Make-In-India Program

Reportedly, India and Russia are negotiating over a deal of the India-based manufacturing of semi-cryogenic rocket engines that are using Russian technology for the Asian country’s space program, Kailasavadivoo Sivan—Chairman of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)—said in an interview. Sivan said to the news agency IANS, “Russia is providing its semi-cryogenic engine technology to India for the “Make-in-India” program. By using the technology the rocket engines can be produced in India and used in our rockets.” As per to the official, this issue is at the moment under discussion, and no specific deals have been attained yet.

The chief of the space agency stated, “What has been finalized is the contract to coach Indian cosmonauts by Russia for Gaganyaan, which is Indian human space mission.” Previously, the media reported about India’s curiosity in Russian rocket engines without elaborating either the model or type of the engine. In the past week, Dmitry Rogozin—Head of Roscosmos—said that Russia could sell RD-180 engines to India and are also exported to the U.S. India intends to send its first manned mission, set to comprise three astronauts, in the space by the end of 2022 with Russia set to support it. Bala Venkatesh Varma—Indian Ambassador to Russia—previously told Sputnik that India and Russia will start cooperating on the topic as early as 2019.

Recently, ISRO was in news along with France’s CNES for signing a truce to develop a collection of satellites. Following Narendra Modi’s—Prime Minister of India—visit to France, the space agencies of both the countries—CNES and ISRO—signed a pact to advance a constellation of satellites. These satellites would be equipped to carry radar, telecommunications (automation identification system), and optical remote-sensing devices, which is allegedly the world’s first space-based arrangement that can monitor ships continuously.

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