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NASA Plans To Explore A Precious Metal-Rich Asteroid

NASA will send a probe containing thousands of billions of pounds worth of platinum, gold, and other special metals to an asteroid. The asteroid named “16 Psyche” is the target that the NASA scientists have locked their eyes on. The asteroid is located in the primary asteroid belt sandwiched between Mars and Jupiter. A solar-powered space probe will be launched by 2022 and it is expected to land on the asteroid by 2026. The metallic composition of the asteroid will be investigated for the next 2 Years. The telescope observations showed the asteroid to be made up of iron and nickel. There are believes that the body also has other precious metals like platinum and gold.

In the next decade, NASA plans for both manned and unmanned space travel. The basic goal is to start human space missions from American soil after it had ended the space shuttle program in 2011. According to Vice President Mike Pence, astronauts will be stepping on the Moon by 2024, enough goals have been set to be accomplished by 2028. It was in 1972 that American astronaut Eugene Andrew Cernan had taken his first walk on the Moon. However, the US President Donald Trump has not yet made any comments or showed his support for the mission.

The president advised NASA to focus on taking initiatives to go to Mars rather than walking on the Moon. According NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, after a discussion with engineering students at the University of Colorado Boulder, they plan to send an all-female crew for the Artemis mission. The debate on it is still on. Similarly, the University of Colorado Boulder researchers are working on biomining metals from asteroids in space. The plan is to use bacteria Shewanella oneidensis for the extraction of iron from the Moon, Martian, and asteroid regolith simulant during simulated reduced-gravity conditions. The researchers plan for a robotic exploration mission in 2022 to an asteroid 16 Psyche as it is assumed to contain $700 Quintillion worth of iron, nickel, and other precious metals.

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