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Scientists Discovered How UV Radiation And The Sun Damage The Skin

Scientists from the Binghamton University and SUNY (State University of New York) discovered the process through which UV radiation, which is emitted by the sun, damages our skin. Zachary W. Lipsky—from the Binghamton University—along with Guy K. German—Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering—studied what type of UV radiation is bad for the skin and how the sun damages it. German said, “The cosmetics industry is a big multibillion-dollar business and they are all attempting to create unique products to make them superior at protecting skin. Nevertheless, there are a lot of studies regarding skin damage, but not a single study has aimed to look how UV impacts the mechanical integrity of skin.”

The UV radiation, which the human eye cannot identify, is categorized into four categories based on photon energy and wavelength. The Binghamton study utilized samples of female breast skin—it was selected since it is mostly exposed to low levels of sunlight—that were exposed to different wavelengths of UV radiation. The researcher discovered that no UV range is more damaging rather than the damage scales with the quantity of UV energy that the skin takes in. The study showed that UV deteriorates the bonds amid cells in the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) by impacting proteins in corneodesmosomes that aid the cells to remain together. That is reason sunburn causes skin peeling.

On a similar note, recently, a study showed that use of sunscreen can result into better blood vessel health. The latest study indicates that sunscreen guards the skin’s blood vessel function against damaging UV radiation exposure by preventing dilation of the blood vessels. The sweat or moistness on the skin might also present protection to the blood vessels of skin from sun damage. The research was presented at the APS’ (American Physiological Society) Experimental Biology 2019 annual meeting held in Orlando, Fla.

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