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Crimson Education, A Platform For Students, Grabs $5 Million In Funding

The corruption has engulfed the education sector as well. Not-so-academic offspring of popular and rich people were getting admissions in highly competitive universities by paying piles of money or using other tactics such as cheating. Earlier this year, a few of such cases were exposed. Some people have been using power and money in an illegal way to regulate the education sector.

To assist those who are intelligent and trying hard to get admissions in the top universities, a New Zealand-based startup, Crimson Education, is there. The startup has designed a platform and consulting services to help scholars in identifying top universities and informing them to put more efforts, specifically in academics and other activity to grab the admission. Recently, the startup has raised $5 Million in a funding round, after which its total market value has reached $245 Million.

On a related note, last week, a startup dedicated to designing PAM (Privileged Access Management)-based software for different organizations, Remediant, announced raise of $15 Million in a seeding round led by Dell Technologies Capital along with ForgePoint Capital. The startup’s main aim is to assist other companies and organizations to manage restricted access in a safe and secure way.

Paul Lanzi and Tim Keeler are the co-founders of the startup. In a statement, Lanzi told that the foundation of the company is based on the two key concepts. The first notion is to design software, through which all the locations of privileged accounts can be accessed as well as the information about the systems that have been illicitly accessed. The second notion is to undo all the modifications conducted during the privileged access from all those accounts.

The principle behind which the startup operates is Zero Trust model, where one has to prove its identity before getting permission to access the privileged data.

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