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France Terminates Trade Deal With Brazil Over Amazon Fire Breakout

France President Jair Bolsonaro is accused by the government, as he lied to the French leader Emmanuel Macron. Now, Bolsonaro states that he is not in favor of setting up a trade deal with the South American economic and political bloc Mercosur because of his back-peddling due to the environmental crisis.

Several departments and people expressed their views and accused Bolsonaro of his conduct. An accusing statement released by the Elysee Palace for the French President, in which it was written that Bolsonaro failed to stay on his words and is not capable enough to protect the biodiversity.

The dispute ignited after the two leaders started spatting through tweets. Marcon expressed his anger by immediately requesting the G-7 nation to take action for the Amazon being atrophied by the forest fire.

Even the world’s best football player Ronaldo supported Marcon and urged to take rapid action on the Amazon through a tweet. Within 24 hours, the Ronaldo’s tweet surpassed a quarter-million likes.

On a related note, Amazon is busy in expanding its e-commerce business across the world. Last week, it launched “AmazonFresh” service in some regions of Bengaluru. The company said that under “AmazonFresh,” the customers could order fresh food and grocery items including a variety of more than 5,000 fruits and vegetables, meat, staples, dairy, and packaged foods.

In fact, Amazon launched the grocery delivery service in Bengaluru, India, in 2015 with the name of “Kirana Now.” In 2016, Amazon Now replaced the service. Earlier this year, after a long tenure of three years, the e-commerce giant rebranded the service to Amazon Prime Now. Now, the Prime Now service is going to direct the AmazonFresh service.

Amazon said that all the grocery items would be served with the convenient 2-hour delivery slots to Prime Now customers. The delivery service is available from 06:00 AM to midnight.

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