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FDA study reveals, impurities are not formed in our stomach by Zantac

Apparently, according to an investigation by FDA, impurity found in medication of stomachache Zantac OTC has impurity levels identical to those you might assume to be uncovered to if one consumes common foods such as smoked or grilled meats. It was demonstrated by Lab results that, the impurity level recognized as NDMA or N-nitrosodimethylamine found inside the digestive system of human beings are not formed by the Zantac medication, said Dr. Janet Woodcock in a statement recently who is director of the Center for Drug Evaluation of FDA.

Zantac is a medication of heartburn typically kind of ranitidine, which is used for stomach ulcers and additional conditions, which causes much of stomach acid. It was said by Woodcock that, the info gathered by them as a part of their current investigation of ranitidine has been dynamicresponding the queries they have received regarding the possible risk of these medications. She added that, trials were also conducted by them stimulating what happens next to ranitidine after it has been uncovered to stomach acid with a usual diet, indicating results that NDMA is not formed due to this procedure. Yet, to completely understand if NDMA is formed by ranitidine, we must examine the drugs in the human body, she said.

Based on the outcomes by laboratory, NDMA has been classified as a possible human carcinogen and concerns regarding Zantac comprising impurity levels developed in the month of September. In Sept. a statement was released by the FDA mentioning that it had studied that some of the ranitidine medications, comprising Zantac, contain NDMA in low levels. After this statement was made, Zantac was pulled off by retailers such as Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and Walmart along with extra ranitidine medicines from their tablesand the medication was voluntarily recalled by the drug maker Sanofi.

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