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Several nations partner with NASA on Artemis mission

NASA’s Artemis mission to return humans back to the lunar surface has clutched several nations’ attentions as there are several countries enthusiastic about the mission, so that as per the agency, the alliance of 15 ISS (International Space Station) nations may get the associations increased.

During (October 24) Thursday’s press conference, Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator stated that at the IAC (International Astronautical Congress), at least 26 countries met him to talk regarding Artemis and their chances of contributing. Discussion regarding how to include all of them is still pending. However, NASA is expected to come up with a solution fast, as the Artemis program is scheduled to take humans back to the lunar grounds in 2024.

As per the ESA (European Space Agency), there are 3 tiers of governance in the ISS’s partnerships. An intergovernmental agreement among 15 countries is chief among the partnerships. Back in Jan 1998, the treaty got signed, a way back when there were no private firms in space and prior to the active involvement of certain nations in space programs. As per Bridenstine, how the agency would accommodate all the interested new teams have yet to be worked out but a discussion regarding it is on the go with all these interested parties.

It was noted by Bridenstine that NASA has already made 700 contracts with several nations on space-exploration programs. However, nothing was specified by him that how those agreements could be used in this novice lunar mission.

Bridenstine further added about the involvement of Private firms in the Artemis program through NASA’s CLPS (Commercial Lunar Services Payload program). 9 companies have been recognized by the agency for future possible contracts, where two have been assigned to deliver payloads in 2021, to the moon.

As per Bridenstine,the international partnership will shortly see another upcoming change at space station, when during late in 2019 or earlier in 2020 CCV (Commercial Crew Vehicles) will fly having astronauts on board. Since the retirement of the SSP (Space Shuttle Program) in 2011, Soyuz seats are being bought by the agency for the astronauts.

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