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Creaking knees likely to give a clue to the doctor to osteoarthritis

Researchers have come up with a new technique that would help diagnose and control osteoarthritis. The method involves listening. In this study, researchers have used small microphones on the knees of the subjects, while closely listening for sounds of high frequency during knee movement. The authors of this study explained that the final health status of the knee is derived after a computer analysis.

This is the first time a systematic listening procedure has been used on a large number of knee osteoarthritis patients. This was a crucial tool to further increase existing knowledge about this decaying disease called arthritis.

According to a statement in PLOS ONE, this report would push this technique towards actual adoption by medical practitioners.John Goodcare, a project leader expressed his excitement at the immense involvement of numerous clinicians and scientists, working in unity towards a common result. Currently Mr. Goodcare is an esteemed professor in the Lancaster University.

The said process has the potential of completely transforming the way doctors currently treat osteoarthritis. This new technique would provide a better diagnosis. Subsequently, it would help to facilitate the use of tailor-made treatments that can be tweaked according to the needs of each and every individual. This report would also help in the successful implementation of bigger, faster and better trials of new clinically tested cures.

Going ahead, the next logical step would be to come up with a new portable device that would be particularly non-invasive in nature. This device would be used by health care professionals to judge if the current diagnosis is helping the patient make any significant progress. The authors of the study have said that this new method will help in delivering a cheaper, more accurate, quicker, andmore convenient way of diagnosis which is better than the methods used at present.

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